Group Project: Intentional CommunityIntroduction to Humanities(due on date indicated in course calendar)
Premise: It’s your lucky day. You and three of your closest friends bought a lottery ticket and your number came up as the winner. You’ve decided you want to take your newfound wealth and create a self-governing “intentional community” (a utopia of sorts) in which 100 of your closest friends and family will live with you. Your community will be structured around a set of “core values.” You will develop original “myths” which will be told to the children in your community in the hope that they will embrace and perpetuate your core values. You can locate your community anywhere in the world that you want to, but the choice of location should be directly tied to your values.
Groups will ideally be composed of four members. You may choose your own group. The final project will be posted to (details to be provided by instructor). Though group members will work collaboratively to develop the values and the details of the community, students will be graded individually. Your project must include the following:
  • Statement of core values: a detailed description of the values relating to the individual (class concept of “self”) and the values relating to the community and environment (class concept of the “humane.”) Describe the rights and general roles of individuals as they relate to the community in this section.
  • Detailed sections relating course themes to core values: develop separate sections to explain how the core values are reflected in the following areas: spirituality/religion, family, community, nature/environment, and the state/government. For each section clearly explain objectives/goals, laws, rules, norms, etc. Each section should also include graphics, photos, maps, charts, etc. to visually illustrate relevant concepts.
  • Supporting myths: Develop stories/symbols of mythic character designed to teach the children of the community the core values in each of the areas of bullet point #2 above in the hope that these children will perpetuate the vision of the community. Include visual representations of the symbols as appropriate.

Significant time in class will be provided to work on the group project. If class time is used adequately and outside individual efforts are effectively coordinated, it should not be necessary to meet as a group outside of class. Students will be evaluated on their participation during the class time allotted for the project, on their individual contributions to the project as tracked on Wikispaces, and on their contributions to the overall vision of the project.