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The island-nation of Atari is situated off beautiful New Zealand in the middle of the pacific ocean.

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Our short but rich history is one without war, terror, famine, and hunger. Our founding fathers purchased our beautiful country from New Zealand and formed an Independent Democracy in the Summer of 2011. Seeking a brighter future, our founding fathers looked to planet Earth's past in search of a simpler way of life. After a few minutes of thoughtful, painstaking consideration, a dinosaur-based society was formed.

So using immense wealth (and the knowledge gained from watching Jurassic Park 500+ times), Atari did the unthinkable: genetically resurrected dinosaurs.

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As you can imagine, the implications of this choice are multi-faceted.

One aspect of the incredibly complex nature of bringing dinosaurs back to life is that the creatures view humans as their masters, owners, and trainers. As loyal as dogs, they take commands, orders, and even protect us.

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In our society, the dinosaurs function as:

  • A source of labor, assisting us in areas such as farming, industry, and the building of structures such as houses, buildings, etc.

  • A source of protection, acting as our standing military force. Though they will comply with orders with the discipline of a well trained soldier, they are strictly used in defense of our land and way of life, fighting with incredible ferocity and courage. Also currently in development: Dinosaur mounted head lasers.

  • General companionship (pets).

  • Transportation, as the larger dinosaurs have no problem shuttling islanders around in specially designed carrying devices.

  • Food. We made 'em, we can eat 'em. Certain species will be farmed much like cattle, being used for meat. More than likely, only the dumber dinosaurs will be used in this way (we're looking at you, Stegosaurus.)

  • Materials. Since our society functions as efficiently as possible, no part of the harvested dinosaur is wasted. Bones become building materials, tools. Skin becomes cowboy boots, leather. Blood is used swimming and recreation.

  • On the island, many dinosaurs are allowed to roam freely among the people as they do not pose a threat to us unless we abuse them in some way. But it's common sense not to be an a-hole to a 6 foot raptor with razor sharp teeth.

  • Overall, we have a self sustaining, independent and respectful culture centered around preventing the problems that arise from a more traditional society while being mindful of our environment and the world in which we live in.


  • Legend has it that many years ago, before we arrived on the island, the dinosaurs were at war with a species of giant monster kraken/lobster creatures that lived on the island and in the surrounding waters. When humans arrived, we aided the dinosaurs using our huge developed brains and technology. With the combined might of dinosaurs and opposable thumbs, the monsters were driven deep into the waters. But it is said that some still lurk in certain parts of the ocean, waiting for the moment to attack once again. So keep your kids out of the water.

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  • The dinosaurs are our friends and assist us because they are happy. Sort of like Santa Clause, if the children are good then the dinosaurs will be good to us and bring them presents. If the kids are bad, the dinosaurs will do what they do best: eat them and their family. So be good for goodness sake!

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Since Atari was founded on dinosaur awesomeness, they grace our national flag and are the backbone of all we do.




Democracy: is a form of government in which all citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Ideally, this includes equal (and more or less direct) participation in the proposal, development and passage of legislation into law. It can also encompass social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination.

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1) If happened to be caught stealing, you are now to sacrifice your right hand to be removed via dinosaur.

2) If happened to murder someone, you are to sacrifice your life via dinosaur.

3) If happened to rape someone, you are to sacrifice life via dinosaur.

4) If found mistreating a dinosaur, you face a minimum 25-year banishment, up to death by dinosaur.

5) If found killing a dinosaur for no cause, you are to face an extra painful dino death, possible including herbivores.

6) If found littering, you'll just be banished. Don't litter.

7) If happend to be mistreating a child/spouse, you face at minimum hard labor, at maximum death by dinosaur.

8) If found being a nuisance in public while intoxicated, you face hard labor.

9) If found importing illegal substances in the country, you face dino death.




Our military is a high-tech operating system with our most superior dinosaurs.

Yeah, it's pretty much this.
Yeah, it's pretty much this.

Our proprietary ability to control the dinosaurs has made us a world power.

Despite the respect this technology affords us, we remain non-imperialistic and non-interventionist. As such, since the day they were

born, these superior reptiles specifically trained to be used for our defense. In no shape or form shall this country abuse our

dinosaur privileges by invade nearby countries. We love and respect our dinosaurs too much to allow them to die in vain in unnecessary wars.

Our military dinosaurs are broken up into the normal set up:

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Air Force: Consisting of Pterosaur, Pterodactyls, Microraptor, and our most valuable weapon in the sky, the Dimorphodon.

Having to different distinct jaws makes it easy for this monster to tear down planes intruding in our country.

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Navy: Consisting of Plesiosaur, Mosasaurs, and the Kronosaurus.

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Marines: Consisting of Spinosaurus, T-Rex, Sabor Tooth, Allosaurus, and Raptors.

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Army: Consist of Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurues, and Archosaurians

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Our sophisticated defense system affords us personal freedom that is the world standard. We live in peace, free to partake in the natural beauty of our sacred land.

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While our breathtaking landscape lends a Pantheistic view to our society, we are free to chose any religion. All people of all religions function side-by-side in harmony.

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Without religious tyranny, individual liberties are emphasized, with these basic tenets of morality are shared by our populous:

1. Respect Freedom- we do not rule over each other, only restricting violations of these stated values

2. Respect the Fellow Man- human rights, fairness, equal opportunity, and love are the pillars of our society

3. Respect the Dinosaur- we treat our loyal companions with with dignity, value, care, consideration.

4. Respect Knowledge- abundance of learning opportunities and the fostering of learners fuels our future

5. Respect Peace- our strength and belief is in defense, not in the unity of the populous.

6. Respect Individuality- diversity of character and thought, philosophy and creed.

7. Respect Generosity- we care for each other. It's as simple as that.


Since knowledge is a core value, we make education a priority. We offer free education on environmentally friendly campuses that fosters creativity, critical thinking, morality, and logic. Education is available to the extent which each family deems suitable. Our extensive system of libraries and electronic resources puts the learner in full control of his or her potential.

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In our society we live off of what ever we grow.

We grow everything from vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Since Atari is located on a peninsula we also live off a great deal of seafood.

Lobsters and fish are what we use that come in a great abundance. Our main source for meat comes from our dino farms.

The dinosaur is the main type of meat we consume as in compared to other places where cows are their main source of meats.

Our immense national pride leads us to consume dino-themed novelties:

The Official Candy of Atari

crops.jpgexternal image the-rialto-fish-market-venice-italy+1152_12946930913-tpfil02aw-17479.jpg

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  • For inner city travel, bikes are used for short distances and for transit in long distances the maglev railsystem is used. A maglev is a (magnetic levitating) system of transportation that is suspended, which occupy mass amounts of citizens.

Magnetic Levitation Train


  • When traveling by water down the main river and around to the various islands, many different sea crafts are used to aid the people.

  • Most if not all ways of transportation around Atari are 100% efficient.

  • For the more adventurous thrill seeking, dinosaurs have been trained to offer a great new chance at transportation:


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Our nation is the world-leader and example in energy sustainability. We operate on no fossil fuels, and do not import or export with any company that consumes fossil fuels. Atari is 100% self-sustainable. We harness the power of all Earth's natural resources.

  • Hydro energy- Harnessing the power Atari's large water resources is a huge job.We've created dams and use tidal power to produce electricity for the island.

  • Solar energy-Large solar farms produce energy from the sun in its peak hours.

  • Wind energy-Wind turbines in the mountain valleys create an abundance of electricity

  • Natural gas-one of the other ways to continue to keep Atari a 100% efficient island, natural gas is collected from the earth to provide another great source of energy

  • solar-power-plant-az.jpg
    solar farm


Economically, our natural landscape fuels our economy both with it's production of resources as well as the tourism drawn with it's scenic beauty.

Here on Atari, we strive to keep the flow of our units of currency to a minimum. However, dinosaur eggs are one of the few valuable exchanged items among the people because of their elegance and beauty.

  • International affairs: When dealing with international trade, we do accept and use world wide currency with other parts of the world. Natural elements from the earth serve this purpose well ie: gold, silver, and various gems

  • Domestic economics: Atari is a bartering based economy. The people trade various items for certain commodities they are in need of.


The healthcare on Atari Island is provided by the Atari local hospital. It is a private donation funded hospital that meets all the needs of anybody in need of help on the island. Medicines are allowed to be used through the hospital but are banned to be used for any other reasons outside the hospital. We like our society to be drug fee and that is why we discourage any drug usage on the island outside of the Atari local hospital.

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Wellness is of big importance for our people on the Atari Island. We insist that everybody stay healthy on the island so we provide the best of gyms. This is to be a part of everyone’s daily routine. In providing the best gyms they tie in with the freshest fruits, veggies, and meats for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our lack of fast food restaurants is also believed to have contributed to our exceptional 3 digit life expectancy, which is among the best in the world.

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Atari cares for its surrounding environment and ecosystems where our companions live, so when we build we take that into consideration. All our structures are built upwards to conserve space without ruining much land.

  • Typical housing consists of well maintained condominiums and apartments, as well as very few stand alone structures off the many water ways and coasts.

All buildings use the power of our self-sustainable society.

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Sustainable SIEEB Building
Sustainable SIEEB Building

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