Community is an essential part of our population and very exisitance here on Macho Island. Since, there is an application process and a board review of every person priveleged enough to live here, one of the factors that are considered are, how well does a person interact and how important is family to them. We don't only take your word for it, you are on "probation" if you will, until we see that you are a good fit here. Since, couples are restricted to two children each, it is essential that time and attention go towards your spouse and your children. The whole reason for this is because we want to ensure that every family gets the chance to experience the greatest love and respect for one another.

Our community has plenty of resources for family fun. We have recreation halls that have just about every game that you can think of. We do this, so that our minds aren't restricted to just physical pleasure, but we want to make sure that minds are challenged. There is a swimming pool in the facilities and even a library in walking distance. It is encouraged that parents attend their childrens games and are involved in there school life. There are family fun days that are held once a month in different locations and everyone is invited. We understand the importance of work and having to support your family, so if parents can't attend, we make it a point to get transportation for the children involved in the extracurricular activites. We know that there is a plenty going on in out own private lives, but we want everyone in Macho Island to know that Core Values do focus on families that live here and the well-being of ourelves and neighbors.

In order to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe, we also have organizations that pick up trash throughout our streets. There is no community in the world that is perfect and we don't pretend to be, but we do our best to ensure that the family life and experience is one of the greatest anywhere. Since, we are about community, concerns that are raised are taken into consideration and if it's best for our community, we will make the appropriate changes. Here at Macho Island, we all have a voice and votes do make a difference, so don't be intimidated to voice your opinions or concerns. We value everyone that comes to live here and know that we all do our part to keep this island healthy. We all have a part to do and will be done. There is no room for free loaders nor laziness here. We all have our differences and all have our own beliefs, so we have to respect each other. There will be absolutely No racial slurs nor any phobias of differences that somone else may have. Any violation will be dealt with appropriately and if the violation deems too much to bear with at Macho Island, you will be banned and can never return under no circumstances.