The Origin of the Lotus Community

HISTORY/MYTHFrom the book: The Secrets of Nelumbo Nucifera(sections 1-5)
"Wondering for Answers”

Long ago the Lotus Community was created by Four extraordinary women who shared the same ideals about life and everyone of them came from different regions as well with different backgrounds.

Karina was one of the finest Cardiologist in the country, she was a well rounded and proud Latina. While living in chicago, Karina’s life was never perfect her parents would work 24/7 with minimum wage and after graduating she even had to put aside her school in order to help support the family. She was wise beyond her years and found away to make more then enough money for both her family as well as for her education. Her dream was to protect her family and to help everyone that she could in her lifetime and never deny anybody from medical care and live without any regrets. Unfortunately, with health care and health insurance it was impossible for her to make that dream a reality.

Erika was a well recognized Judge and highly knowledgeable of every single detail there is about the constitution and knew everything there is about laws and about the government. She grew up in a high ranked military family in Texas, were Erika herself ended up joining the marines to follow her families foot steps. Gaining all the experience and tactics that the marines could offer her, she then decided to retire and became politically active this later led to her love of justice. But through out her dedication of justice over the years she seen that no matter what she could do there was still corruption that even she could not stop and helplessly stand aside while this immorality was being done. Erika was tired of the unjustness and decided to take matters into her own hand and find a way to help people by using the same exact tactics her enemies were doing but for the greater good of the people not by greed or power.

Samantha was a multimillionaire stockbroker, was naturally talented with money and was very canny with her work. She came from a middle class family in New York, her family would always remind her the important values of diligence, sincerity and dedication. Sam always took those values to practice and lead her to a life of a multimillionaire. It took her several years in order to accomplish this ideal job without any crookedness. She then decided to open up her own firm and started giving top-ranked financial advises. After several years of hard labor and full dedication to her job she felt something was missing, she then realized money isn’t everything and decided to take a break and rome about to find out what was missing.

Andrea on the other hand came from a very sophisticated family, you could even say from a long line of aristocracy in Europe. Andrea was born and raised in Connecticut she was an only child and was treated like a princess. Andrea had everything that she desired in her life but really never left her mansion, since she had all that she needed, why leave? She was happy and pure of heart never been touched by evil when suddenly a tragic accident happened and changed her life for ever. She had found out that her parents were slowly dying from a high level of mercury found in their body. She had found out that mercury can be exposed to people by breathing, eating, drinking and even touching anything containing mercury. After her parents death she decided to dedicate her life into purifying earth. But she had never thought it would be so complex to change the world to a better place. Becoming an environmentalist was her fate and Andrea was dedicated to at least stop some of the destructions of nature, as well as, humanity in order to prevent more of these devastations from happening even if she had to travel all over the world.


They were all searching for a place that could enlighten their views and find the answer they were looking for. The very next night they had a dream, a dream that led them to this pond was deep in the middle of the forest and was filled with these exquisite flowers but couldn’t figure out what they were. This forest was surrounded by the rocky mountains and was so green that made them feel it wasn’t a reality and only a fantasy. But the need to find out what the purpose for this dream and the meaning was empowering for them to travel to a place that was described in the dream.

“The Rebirth of The Lotus Flower”

Miraculously, as if by fate, all for of them traveled to Colorado in order to find peace and serenity away from the city and away from their own destructions. Andrea, Samantha, Erika and Karina all stayed in this camping area near Comfort, Colorado. They were all looking for answers that were bothering them,3712.jpg knowing that with out this answer they would never live a blissful life and it will haunt them for eternity. They found out that this village was known for their magical pond that gives you an epiphany, but the pond is the one that chooses who is able to see it and gain the knowledge that their looking for. It was in between late June and the beginning of August when Erika, Samantha, Karina and Andrea all decided to wonder in the wilderness by themselves and ruminate about their lives. Who would of known that these magnificent women were about to cross paths and change their lives forever.

They all wanted to visit this supernatural pond that was hidden deep in the woods, it was said that this pond was filled with flowers and the beauty was said to be compared to all of gods most beautiful creations. This pond had the magic to illuminate whoever discovers it and spend time contemplating about their lives and meditating to connect with nature. Andrea was the first to go into the wilderness early in the morning to energies herself by nature and meditate until she could find the answers she was looking for. Karina was second, she just wanted to wonder and ruminate by loosing herself in side the wilderness and let nature be her guide. Both Samantha and Erika were planing to go later on the day after they finished their morning duties but they suddenly had the urge to go out for a walk, feeling this deep emotion as if something was waiting for them, so they both headed out in different directions. And all of them were wondering inside the wilderness having no fear for what lied ahead.

After hours of wondering all of them eventually were lead by the spirit of nature to a particular pond, this pond wasn’t at all what they were expecting. This pond was filled with green gunk and was more muddy then it was watery, there wasn’t any flowers, and the smell was nauseating. This pond was no where near the pond they had imagined. After gawking over the pond they all realized they weren't alone. Karina was the first to speak and asked if they were all looking for the notorious pond. Samantha, Erika and Andrea all agreed with astonishment, and suddenly they all burst out laughing. They laughed so hard they were all tearing up with joy and they couldn’t help but to feel foolish for thinking they were going to find this magical pond. They remained near the pond and sat on these bulks of rocks and talked about each others experience in life. They were all fascinated by each other and couldn’t believe that they came to Colorado for the same exact reason at the same exact time. Erika and Andrea couldn’t help but to think it was destiny, but Samantha and Karina thought it was more of a coincidence but were still amazed in their similarities. They talked for hours about life, nature, philosophy, government, religion etc...

Karina then mentioned and pointed out that all of them want to help their loved ones and that they were all trying protect them by envisioning this special environment for them but sadly that was beyond their capacity. And Andrea being the youngest and full of innocence proclaimed, Why not? Andrea declared that they should make a society that would lead to peace and serenity to all of their loved ones. Samantha immediately chuckled and told Andrea it was impossible to create this holy land she envisioned and even if they do agree in starting this new founded society the government would never allow it. Erika then disagreed to Samantha’s conclusion. Erika began to explain that even laws have there weakness and she could find away to outsmart the government without braking any laws. Making it possible to form at least a community of their own and progressively over the years become a society. This placed a smile on every single one of them, a smile of hope and pure happiness. Karina, being the critical thinker that she is, mentioned the next obstacle that they needed to resolve before even attempting to plan out the community. The next obstacle that Karina mentioned was, With what money are they going to construct this community? Samantha instantly answered her question by saying “investments and their own money for now”, she explained that with there combined it would be a good amount for the community but by letting her make or buy some top ranked stocks and duplicate the money leading to a perfect solution since she is one of the best stockbrokers in the US. Once duplicated Samantha would be able to return their prior money and just use the one she gained from the stock to the community and do same thing again.

After discussing, planning, commenting and eventually realizing what they were actually doing. Erika, Andrea, Samantha and Karina all stood up and walked to the pond and gazed through the water with astonishment of what just occured. They realized their dream of a peaceful community and protecting all their loved ones was possible. Despite their differences they unified their dreams and strength in order to make this vision a reality. Even with their dedication they couldn’t help but let tears of happiness pour down and caress their cheeks eventually falling into the pond and making ripples 484776493_411825502f.jpg that extended through the muddy pond. It became twilight and the foul stench of the pond was gone, as if the muddy pond never existed, and a magnificent aroma arose from the pond as well as green floating leaves with a a flower on top blossoming right before their eyes. This flowers was beyond the description of beauty the flowers itself looked as if it was glowing. Eventually more of these divine flowers arose and filled the muddy pond with all the colors of the rainbow and colors they could of never imagined.work.1944608.2.flat,550x550,075,f.moon-flower-lotus-birth.jpg
Andrea knew what type of flower it was and informed them that this flower was a lotus flower. A flower that is divine and pure emphasizing enlightenment and rebirth. Karina, Andrea, Samantha and Erika realized that this was the magical pond they were searching for and by letting them see these divine flowers gave them the answer they were looking for. Giving them the physical and spiritual motivation to make the community a reality. And engaging the lotus flower as the name and the symbol of their new founded community hoping that it would mean and be the same way as the lotus flower.

Core Values
Lotus Community

.....“We must be the change we wish to see in the world” .....

First, is the belief that the transformation of an individual exerts a powerful force for change on society by gaining self esteem, self efficacy, motivation for learning and the thrive for perfection.

Second, is supporting each other in taking risks and challenging ourselves to be the change we wish to see our founded community. Results is failure in a unique way, by creating an environment in which it is safe to make mistakes, learn from your failures, and eventually our efforts to keep getting better at what we do. Committing to learning from one another and always striving for excellence.

Third, instead of waiting to take action, you harness your life into your own hands either physically, mentally, or even spirituality. Because in the end only you can determine you path in life.

Fourth, is by connecting with others and acknowledge each person as an extension of ourselves, and show dignity and respect to everyone. As well as the importance of family being connected by creating these unique bonds that is merely impossible to demoralize.

Fifth, is by leading people in becoming more skilled in their profession in a harmonious and just world, forming strong staff in the community, grassroots environmentalist and continually work to expand this community. To empower our talented people to take the initiative and to do what’s right.

Sixth, is developing self awareness and awareness of others of the world around us, and for some, awareness of God. The acknowledgment of our spirituality leads to accepting responsibilities for our roles as agents of change.

Seventh, is committing to living and behaving in ethical ways. Having empathy in valuing differences in our community and taking into consideration of ones tradition, beliefs, work ethics or even their opinions. By refining our habits either individually, family, cultural, environment or community, we can flourish into a blissful life.

Eight, is to come out with new creative ideas that has a balance of benevolence and have the potential to change the community. Embracing the purposeful, continuos change and welcoming the necessary ambiguity they follow.

Ninth, Justice comes with punishment (depending on the crime that was committed) and leading to forgiveness (both the convict and the victim) in order to accept our errors and be able to move on peacefully leading to a life of virtue and integrity. Virtue is a noble habit that directs towards the good moral standards. Integrity is to act with honesty and without compromising the truth. It is not always easy to do what is ethically correct, but its simple to know which path is the ethical one.

The Lotus Community main priority is the Health and Education for every single individual (man, women and child) that resides in the community. Giving them all the necessities that they need in order to achieve excellence not only physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually but everything they need for their well being and to be ab
le to prosper in their way of life.
The Lotus Community makes it possible for people to gain all the knowledge and experience they need in their lives or even go above and beyond the normal academic standards. Plus we encourage our community to be actively healthy either by exercising, eating healthy, being aware of their exterior body (skin) and most importantly relieving themselves from stress. All of these can be made possible here in The Lotus Community.

The Lotus Community has establish a high standard academic education for the children in the community. Plus our academic education also gives various opportunities to every single student depending on their choice of major. Challenging our students to exceed and surpass the normal level of education and not just conform with the basics.

The community has also established a eco friendly Recreational Center that allows everyone to enjoy their extra time. Either if they would just go for entertainment, exercise wise, relax yourself (free from stress) or just expand you knowledge. This and more can be found in our Recreational Center that has numerous activities that can be precise to anyones preference.

History of Government
When the Lotus community was found by Erika, Karina, Samantha, and Andrea in 1951, the government was made up of them four and a few others. A majority vote created between the four founders. As years went by, the government was handpicked by the founders of the community; they chose people who were at their top ranking professions of the community.
Present Day Government
Today the government of the Lotus community is still consisted of the people who are at the top of their profession. The majority vote is still applied today. The people in the committee are the only ones that can overrule the majority vote with their opinion by critical thinking, ethics etc.

The Lotus Community takes there laws very seriously. They follow the Colorado State Laws as well as the U.S. Constitution. Many of the community laws are based on the core values but in addition the community also consists of the following laws below:

The Humane Law
  • Respect others
  • Treat others the way you would want to be treated
  • Be truthful
  • Independence

The Criminal Laws

Crimes against People
external image laws_2_jpg_280x280_crop_q95.jpg
  • Murder
  • Battery
  • Assault
  • Rape
  • Kidnapping

Property Crimes

  • Trespassing
  • Arson
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Burglary

Eco Friendly Law
external image eco_friendly.jpg

  • Everyone must recycle
  • Use energy efficient applicances and lighting
  • Dispose of oil paint and chemicals properly
  • No Smoking

Community Laws
  • No Littering
  • Front yards must be clutter free
  • 2 pet max per household
  • Pets must be spayed or neutered
  • Rottweiler’s are now allowed as pets

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTPl9PmUnBreKB1K8-Nh_xDfZcLBsdTnxFfG2X9GtSJ0vWmBb4OLg
Education Laws
  • All students must follow the dress code policy
  • Children from the age of 6-18 shall attend school
  • All absence must be excused by parent or guardian
  • Excessive absence could result in a misdemeanor and or $500.00 penalty per offense

Recreational Center
In the Lotus Community we believe family comes first. We believe in the family time, family dinners, and family outties. We have delvoped a Community Center where everything is at so when the family is at home they will spend time together then we they go to the community and everyone can do they own thing. We have asked that all families do not have play stations or any divise that would keep family members away from each other when they are at home. The community center helps family members with spending time together except when they are at the community center where they can all go their own way and do what they want to do. Also it always everyone to nteract with other people in the community.

  • Pool / Hot Tub
  • Park / Dog Walk
  • Game Room
  • Library
  • Computer Lab
  • Day Care
  • Athitic Center
  • Spa, Nair, and Hair Salon

Lotus Community Health Care

‍As part of the Lotus Community, everyone has to pay taxes that go to the communtiy. These taxes help with paying for "free" Health Care. The Health Care clinet offer regular health services. Its not a hospital. However our clinic has everything from dentist, general doctor, radiologist, ER, as well as nurses. There are all students that are doing their internship in our community gaining the experience knowledge of their degree/ major but they are being monitored by our community doctors. This gives the community the free medical clinic since they are just student who are not being payed. But these student are one of the smartest in the country because its more of a private internship not everyone could join. They have to have a specific curriculum and had practice in another clinic. Our Health Care Clinic always has a doctors and a nurse on staff, with having a total of 3 doctors, and 5 nurses.


The Lotus Community is a Non-Denominational and Non-Sectarian one. With our various inhabitants in the community we do not specify nor restrict their religion or practices. But were all in the understanding that there is one God/ Supreme Being that is beyond our capabilities of knowledge. But we still love, pray/meditate, have rituals or traditions/practices of our individual moral values, faith in our single God and have symbols that relate humanity to our spirituality. We understand that not everyone is from the same place but we highly comprehend that we are all human, and humans weren’t made to be perfect.

In this community we simply live in harmony because we do no judge, discriminate nor label anybody no matter what their background or religion their from. We are all creations of god and we are thriving to reach are purification in life by living virtuously and helping others. God/ Supreme Being imposed specific standards that individually we must embrace in our life, as well as, our religion in order to reach our righteous path towards God himself.

Thus, leading our community to helping each other in the long-run no matter what their standards are and by doing so we create powerful bonds amongst each other. These bonds not only helps our community physically or mentally but as well as spiritually with a positive perspective of life.

Once the member of the community has finished their education or has established a profession they can begin to start a family. The number of children will be determined based on their ability to financially and emotionally provide for that child. They must have the time to nurture a close relationship with their immediate family in which traditions, values and customs will be introduced as part of our way of life.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSaOXx7mEOycRdbZHtWvn25tbREL7HatoVrssT8GcBUutew3E7zDA
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRT4q9YKr0usQbqY6QfxEo_-iQBjze8uUlUpkpxIw4FOMiSNwIw
Marriage- Man and woman can be joined in holy matrimony at the legal age of 18 unless they have not finished high school.
Prior to being married they must take pre-marital counseling. At this time they may leave their father and mother to live on their
own always ensuring that they are well taken care of. Same sex marriage is accepted as a legal binding union. No member of
the community will discriminate the sexuality of any man or women.

ivorce – The couple must first attend marriage counseling before considering a request for separation. The separation period will be one year before
the divorce can be submitted for review. Domestic violence, adultery, homosexuality, drug abuse are reasons for divorce any other reason will be reviewed.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQNaIuSdzCivFWKY6uY0j8u8ada-gl4RMTfN2CVzE-3Mtx2TB6L

Our community takes pride in the power of knowledge. It is the foundation in which our community was founded on. All students will be required to wear a school uniforms and follow dress code regulations.

Preschool (optional) – Although not mandatory, it is highly encouraged for parents to register their children for the preschool program if their child meets the following requirements:
Age 3 before August 1st.
Must be potty trained.
Parents or guarding must be able to pick the child at the end of class.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQjZx5jyI6kI6Sv-a4bx-qa5j2Ig9OqK63BeIjLGGO1gKCZQNew
Kindergarten – High School (mandatory)

It is the parent’s responsibility to insure that their child attends school. All federal laws from the U.S. will be followed in regards to attendance.
Children with disabilities have the right to attend school in the community unless they are a danger to other children. Teachers receive yearly
evaluations by the school based on the class performance. At the end of the school year the school board will reconsider asking the teacher to
come back for another year. It is the teacher’s responsibility to keep the interest of learning from kindergarten to graduation. Parents are
responsible to insuring that their children are performing to the best of their abilities and always keeping close contact with the child’s teachers.

Curriculum – In addition to the core curriculum children will be required to learn another language other than English. This includes
the basic knowledge of the culture and traditions. The fine arts will also be a part of the curriculum ensuring that each child can
express their creativity through music, art , poetry, dance, theater, or any other creative way.

5 Year High School - Students will earn dual credits for both high school and college. The goal is for student’s to graduate
with an associates degree or with the max amount of college credit they can accumulate in those five years. Vocational
Training is an option for those young adults that have chosen not to further their education. It is an opportunity to seek a
carrier in a field that does not require a degree.
external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQIHtIafJlgYWbHP71jq8Y5fl02CKSULdPsrgtiyiRhBdzSZJOQ


external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTgUQyrDKrgXzngH23SAgnEI74VS2WMN0OFo48gLyM2f7SHG7-Y
The houses of the Lotus community are all Eco Friendly. They all consist of the following:
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Windows
  • Wind Turbines
  • Under floor Heating

Solar Panels are used to convert particles from the sun into electricity and are used in households to reduce heating and electricity bills.
Solar Windows are placed in the Lotus community house to help reduce the heat that goes through windows. Solar Windows are designed by inserting double or triple glazing.
Wind Turbines are place around the houses of the community to convert energy into electric energy. A generator is involved as well.
Under Floor Heating is in every house in the Lotus community. This heating method helps save energy by allowing it to heat up houses uses lower temperatures than usual.

Underfloor Heating
Underfloor Heating

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTEVr9meGVN7-FOAQYzr0Rjp53KxguPrtezUYJiW6JVRB-P5pOwAW28qetiAA

Community Garden
The community garden was created as a form of therapeutic activity for senior citizens and teens. It keeps both young and old physically active, acquiring job and life skill that every young adult needs. In addition, the younger generation bonds with the elders of the community though this experience. When the teenagers are kept busy they have less time to get involved in crime or illegal activity. Elders also feel that they are contributing to the society by keeping their mind working, lowering their risk for dementia and alzheimers.


external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR1Led0nnany92CgpAolr2lwh64mFZrm23qw-F9zKcWdgeFpATc0w
  • Conserve Resources
  • Improve Diets
  • Crime Prevention
  • Social Interaction
  • Youth Education
  • Exercise
  • Limit the amount of fast food
  • Lower the cost of food