Founding Fathers


National Flag of M.A.A.K. Isles

We the people of M.A.A.K. Isle in order to for the ideal civilization, establish justice, insure the serenity of our people and land, provide for the common defense, promote the unity and respect amongst our community, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the M.A.A.K. Isle

General Information

  • Everyone takes public transportation

  • Freedom of religion

  • Energy Efficient-environment

  • Everyone recycles.

  • Family oriented

  • No closed doors, lawmaking should be out in the open

  • “Preach it”-place kind of like a city hall where we let out our feelings and emotions to people who listen(healing place).

  • No abortion

  • Sex education

  • Freedom for gay rights


Core Values
Acceptance: we all need to accept everyone who lives here regardless of their color of skin, religion, beliefs, and what they do with their life.
Respect: Respect is big remember to treat everyone the way you would like to be treated. That means be nice and polite.
Courage: Don’t be scared to stand up for what you believe in. Be brave!
Forgiveness: no matter how mad someone gets you remember to forgive in order to keep yourself from having resentment and anger….” forgiveness is for yourself, not for the person you are forgiving. Why toss and turn and stress over something when the person who did it is sleeping soundly in their bed”. A valuable lesson and one that we should remember.
Compassion: be empathetic and sympathetic to other people’s feelings.
Generosity: Be a giving person, do not be greedy. If you give with an open heart you will be rewarded with so much more.
Honesty: Do not lie be straightforward. this falls back on your moral character as a citizen. Always tell the truth even if you know there will be consequences.
Caring: give a hand to those who are in need even if you don’t have anything coming back to you in return.
Close family responsibility: Family is the most important. So if and when someone is sick or in need family should be the first to the rescue. When parents age and cannot care for themselves, it is expected that the children take over and house their parents and care for them just like their parents did when their children were younger.
Unity determination:to be determined to make society work and be a whole
No harm to animals: everyone who harms animals will be sent to exile island immedietly . Animals have feelings too and should NOT be disrespected. They love you!
Preservation: Our environment is sacred and in order to keep our resources from running out we must Recycle! Recycle! Recycle!
Justice: a Fair justice system in which everyone is entitled to a trail innocent until proven guilty. No harsh or unfair punishment to anyone.

Our community utilizes a Democratic government that stands for re-election every five years. However an appointed official maybe removed by a popular vote for the people. Our government consists of three branches the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. All three bodies run a check and balance on each other to ensure no branch dishonesty. Our government is completely transparent and shares all information with the general public.
The basic rights of all our citizens are:
  1. Freedom of speech, religion, and sexual orientation.
  2. The right to an education.
  3. The right to vote.
  4. The right to a trial by jury.
  5. The right to medical care.
Basic Laws:
  1. Shall not harm your fellow man, environment, or animals.
  2. Shall not steal.
  3. Shall not commit adultery.
  4. Shall not have abortion.
  5. Shall not travel to Exile Island.

Every citizen after completing their associates degree must enlist in the armed forces for two years of active duty, with an additional four years in the reserves. During these years in the military you will be trained to defend our nation, but you will also have the opportunity to learn a skilled trade or continue with your higher level education while enlisted.




Every citizen is eligible for a free education till he/she gets their associate degree. Our education system will give additional support to improve our children skills in math, science, and engineering so our nation can produce the necessary workforce to build and renew our infrastructure and factories. The fund for education comes mainly from the government and some of it from the local community.

Our healthcare will be provided by the government. All necessary procedures will be covered under the government provided medical plan. Elective surgeries will have to be covered by the individual, unless the procedure will greatly decrease future health issues and is cleared by the committee in charge of the government healthcare plan. The pharmaceutical industry will also be government supervised to prevent the overcharging for medication. Taxes will be taken out each pay check to cover cost of the government provided medical plan.



Our virtue is to remain a country that upholds its stand on freedom of religion. Our Isle is a “Judge Free Zone,” and we do not hold the right to tell our citizens which religion we believe is for them. On each of the six corners/peninsulas of out Isle, we have a different place of worship representing the major world religions however, not excluding smaller religions. In the North, we have Christianity. In the Northeast, we have Hinduism. In the Southeast, we have Islam. In the South, we have Buddhism. In the Southwest, we have Judaism. In the Northwest, we have a place of worship for religions with smaller followings (i.e. Shinto’s, Taoism, Sikhism, Jainism, Confucianism, and Zoroastrianism). Meditation and Yoga is encouraged throughout our Isle in order to help calm our stresses in life. Another form of meditation that our Isle presents is our “Preach It” Convention Center. This is a place where anyone may come and voice their troubles and stresses to people who will listen, in contrast to keeping their emotions locked up inside themselves. It is known as a “healing place.”



Our society is located within a tropical climate with seasonal rain. We are located off the coast of Southern Africa, and our average temperature is 85°F. Our island is filled with lush forests and greenery adding to our wildlife. We have a main central lake, named Poseidon, which 5 main rivers flow out of into the ocean. In our Southern peninsula, Mount Halikamilua resides where many Buddhist celebrations take place.


Every citizen of M.A.A.K. Isles must hold a moral standard of preservation for our Isle. Recycling is mandatory for all residents, and everything is recycled accordingly to be reused. Reusable products are highly encouraged in order to reduce waste. Nature is to be cherished in our society, and preserved. We make use of our natural resources as many of our building and instruments are solar powered. Our houses and buildings are energy efficient to try to reduce as much pollution as possible. In that, the only motor vehicles available are for emergency situations, law enforcement, EMS, businesses, and special circumstances. Other than that, our society commutes through public transportation, trains, bicycling, walking, and ferries. We also harvest wind energy. Our oceans and rivers are kept clean and flowing. We value our land and our parks as we strive to keep them clean in that every family may enjoy them. Our environment is to remain earth friendly. Smoking is prohibited on our island, because of the harm to our air-breathing quality along with the medical reasons. Littering is looked down upon, and must be controlled. Anyone found littering will be sentenced to community service hours. Coinciding with our standards for the environment, animal cruelty is a criminal offense. Failure to abide by this law results in exile. In addition, all of our foods and crops will be raised organically with no additives or preservatives. None of the animals will be kept in inhumane quarters, and none of the animals will be fed with hormones.


The elders will be regarded with great wisdom and dignity as seen in Asian cultures. Families will be close-knit, and they will reside within close proximities. Children will respect and honor their father and their mother. Children will care for their parents as they grow old and continue to age. There will be no nursing homes on our Isle; therefore, if extra care is needed for the elderly that is beyond the families control, a nurse may be appointed as an extra hand as a caregiver. Each family member will carry personal responsibility to help maintain the family as a unit under stressful circumstances. The family must be forgiving toward each other and compassionate to everyone’s needs.



Marriage is held to a high stature in our society. It is a bond that only two people committed to each other can take. A couple must enter premarital counseling before they embark on this life journey together. It is recommended that both families agree with each other and approve of the engagement beforehand. The two parties who are looking to be married must be at least the age of 18 before entering into this bond. Since marriage is not taken lightly in our society, divorce is looked down upon; however, in certain situations it is achievable. If one is looking to divorce, the couple must enter marriage counseling in order to try to work on the difference to try to make the relationship work. If it comes to serious cases such as domestic abuse, the victim must make arrangements for a petition of divorce, while a domestic violence case will be filed with law enforcement. In order to divorce, the two parties must appeal in court and state their cases to the judge, so that he may decide the fate of their petition. In our society, we do uphold the policy of freedom of marriage. Gay rights are enforced in our society, and hate crimes are not taken lightly.


Although premarital sex is looked down upon, our society is not ignorant to that fact that it does happen. In order to help protect our men and women, Sex Education is a mandatory class taken by the teens in high school. Contraceptives are available at all clinics within our Isle. If there is an unwanted pregnancy, abortion is not an option. We do not condone any abortion in our society. If there is a mother who does not wish to keep her child, we will find a home for the child with a loving family that would care for the baby. If the mother decides to keep her child, the father of the child must provide financial and emotional care for both the mother and the child. If the mother and the father of the child are unmarried, marriage is not mandatory. The families of both parties though, must be forgiving, loving, and supportive of the new parents.



Our community is based on unity amongst our population as well as a mutual respect for all. From the beginning we emphasis respect towards everyone, regardless of class, race, sex, or age. The unity of all citizens is also of the highest importance. We have instituted a weekly block party which is held at our central park to strengthen the bond of our community. Our block party will include team games, community activities, dinner, and a city meeting if there is any new information that is needed to be discussed. Our community as a whole will also be in charge of the building of parks and all things included in it. Last we have established a convention center named "Preach It", where individuals or groups can gather to discuss problems, ideas, or thoughts amongst others in the community. All of the activities and facilities listed have been established to imprint our greatest morals of community into every individual. These morals being generosity, caring, compassion, unity, and determination.

Block Party
@ Preach It

Housing & Transportation of community:

Our community will use public transportation such as our electric metro system or public bus system. They may also use personal bicycles for transportation around the island. The only motor vehicles available are for emergency situations, law enforcement, EMS, businesses, and special circumstances. Our community also has conservative size homes, but with modern amenities to ensure the maximum energy efficiency on our island. Even the proximity in which our citizens live helps to build a sense of a unified community.


Creation Myth:

Long ago before the world was anything but a vast sea & a sky full of stars there was a great meteor shower. Meteors fell from the heavens and accumulated in the sea creating land masses of all sizes. These land masses of fallen meteors became the continents of the world. There was one meteor that was different than all the rest. It shined like a fire falling from the sky. It was found to actually be a star and not a meteor at all. This star created the M.A.A.K. Isle we live on today. Like that star that lit up the sky; we who live on it must shine and shed light on the lifestyle of unity & respect. Following these values will make you pure in sole and spirit and bestow you with salvation and bounty in this life. Although to fully gain purity you must also keep M.A.A.K. Isle pure. We show our respect to our land and home by keeping it pure and clean.


Myth of Exile:

In the beginning of our civilization our community was thriving in the morals our founding fathers established for us. Although there were some who sought for separation of the classes. They were known as the Superior Party. This party wanted to break the unity of the community to weaken it so they could plant themselves in power and spread their beliefs over the people. The people of our civilization stood together and drove out the superior party. The supreme being witnessed our fight for purity and rewarded our civilization by banishing the superior party to an island off our coast. This island was forever known thereafter as exile island. All those who commit heinous crimes are banished to the island. The supreme being employed a series of creatures not of this world to patrol and guard the island. To insure the sanctity of our world the creatures keep all who inhabit the island there. The island is forbidden to all outsiders, and if you do travel to the island then you are forced to spend the rest of your days there.


St. Patricio Myth
patrick.jpg patrick-star-from-spongebob-cake.jpgnormal_Patrick_Star_Cookies.jpg

Similar to how our great civilization was brought into this world by a star, the anniversary of your birth each year will be blessed by a star. Each birthday after you go to sleep St. Patricio the starfish emerges from the sea.
If you have lived the last year following the morals that our society idealizes, have shown charity to the less fortunate, and performed good deeds for no personal gain; then St. Patricio will bring you a gift. However if you live your life unmorally he will bring you a barnacle as your gift. St. Patricio can see all and knows of everything you do in your daily life and keeps a list of your triumphs and of your indiscretions in order to decide on whether you are deserving of a gift or barnacle. You must remember he sees all so you must live as if someone is watching at all times.