Welcome to Mangifera Bay! We are a topical island located in the center of the infamous Bermuda Triangle, and are the world's top producer and exporter of mangoes. The Bermuda Triangle, also referred to as the "devil's triangle" is a legendary area located off the southeastern Atlantic coast known for the mysterious disappearances of ships and aircrafts.


Creation Myth- The tropical island of Mangifera Bay was founded on June 1, 1935 when the ship S.S. Tropicana was traveling on a voyage through the Bermuda Triangle in quest of new tropical pant species known as the weed of life. The weed of life is a mythical plant said to only exist on one of the tropical islands in the Bermuda Triangle. Legend has it that the harvesting of the plant into a smoking state and inhaling it into your lungs is supposed to grant one eternal life. This plant is only visible in absolute darkness, as it is almost clear in the daylight and illuminated in the darkness. The S.S. Tropicana set sale on the cloudless day of May 30, 1935 carrying seventy-five men and twenty-five woman from around the world, and enough food to last 2 months. The shipmates were very anxious to find the weed of life, and with a clear weather forecast, they decided to travel at racing speed.The ships occupants were nervous about their travel though the Bermuda Triangle, however they assumed that myths associated with the Bermuda Triangle were false and decided to embark on the journey. Upon entering the boundaries of the infamous Bermuda Triangle, an unexpected storm brewed, eliminating all radio frequencies allowing communication with the outside world, and forming 20ft waves that sent the ship off course. The ship occupants feared that their worst nightmare was occurring, and hoped and prayed that the storm would pass. As they feared, the storm continued to worsen, and eventually led to the wrecking of the S.S. Tropicana on the uninhabited tropical island of Mangifera Bay. After waiting months for rescue and learning the lay of the land, the members of the S.S. Tropicana began a new life and society on the island which has developed over the past 75 years. Unfortunately, the fountain of weed was never found, and many of the inhabitants on Mangifera Bay are still in search of the legendary plant.

History of the Mangifera- The Mangifera, commonly known as the mango fruit, flourishes on the topical island. However, this had not always been the case. After the tragic shipwreck of the S.S. Tropicana, it did not take long for those stranded to run out of food. Four members of the S.S. Tropicana spent three hours a day for sixteen days praying to their God for a solution to the rapid decline of the ships food supply. On the seventeenth morning, everyone awoke to find one-hundred-ninety-two flourishing mango trees- one for each person of each hour of each day of prayers. From that point on, Mangifera Bay has had an abundance of mango trees, providing food for the island , and making the Mangifera Bay the worlds number one exporters of mangoes, or mangiferas.
Myth of the Mangel (mango angel)- After the spiritual appearance of the mangiferas on the island following sixteen days of prayers, the Mangifera Bay inhabitants knew they must continue to please this higher power to keep the blessed mango trees flourishing. The Mangiferians continued to pray for nutritional security, and praised their gods for the blessing of the one-hundred-ninety-two flourishing mango trees that appeared on the island. This lead to the continued growth of mango trees on the island, supplying the Mangiferians with a food supply, and a crop to export of international value. The Mangiferians continued to wonder who was keeping watch over their mango trees, until one of the island leaders had a dream in which the mangel revealed herself to the Mangiferian. The mangel aka: mango angel, said that as long as the inhabitants of the Mangifera Bay continued to praise their gods for the blessing of the mango trees and stayed true to the values of the island, she would keep watch over the mangifera trees and ensure their growth throughout the seasons. The Mangiferians have yet to experience a period in which their mango trees did not flourish.

On our island, our core values in which every inhabitant must abide by include:
  • Organization

    • To comply with the structure of the island; government, education, industry, and community life

  • Peace
    • To maintain a state of unity and balance with the community
  • Unity

    • To be in harmony and agreement with the community
  • Respect

    • To value yourself and others

  • Responsibility

    • Take fault for your actions and take action to achieve your goals

  • Fairness

    • To be just and unbiased

  • Honesty

    • To always speak the truth

  • Compassion

    • To help those who are in needed

  • Equality

    • Everyone has a voice and an opinion

external image 300px-religion_in_sf.png
When within the law, freedom of religion is permitted and encouraged. Our citizens are from all over the world and were only joined here on the island because of the shipwreck in 1935. So as a society, we feel it is important to maintain our personal traditions. It is an individual's right to practice or partake in any religious or spiritual gathering they chose. All cultures and beliefs are celebrated and embraced in unity on the island. Our spiritual and religious freedoms give the foundation to the openness in the way that we have created our family values, community life values and even how the government was structured. We believe that everyone should have a choice and a voice in all that occurs here on our little island.

external image focus_on_the_family.jpg
Family to our community is very important. Family will be built around love, caring, honesty, fairness, and equality. Since every family member has a voice, it will be heard and respected among other family members. As a family they must come together during hard times and help any member of the family if needed. Parents responsibilities will be to provide, discipline, and care for there children. While the children’s responsibilities will be to respect there parents, must attend school, and have FUN!

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  • Marriage is acceptable between people who share love, respect, and compatible personalities

  • One can not marry until the age of 18 and have been together for over a year
  • One can not have kids until a year after they are married; this allows a "trial" in which the couple is able to decide if they are able to live together and feel they can work together in order to raise a child.
  • A limit of three kids per family; as resources, imports and space are limited among the island
  • A divorce is only granted in extreme conditions and each person has a limit of one divorce.

  • If an unmarried woman conceives a baby before marriage, she has three choices; marry the baby's father before the baby is born, give the baby to another family, or keep the baby and be watched over by the elders. The elders evaluate whether the woman is fit to be a parent, and if they decide she is not, the baby stays with a family deemed more fit to take care of it.

  • We will love and respect one another and lean on each other for support

  • We will work together in reaching our goals for our community

  • Adults who have reached the age of 60 will be treated with honor and respect. As an elder, they are often looked to for advice when decisions are made.

  • Age determines a persons influence when decisions are to be made. Any one under the age of 21 years is considered a minor and therefore unable to participate in serious decisions

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Here at Mangifera Bay we value education. Our school will have the best teachers that will provide one on one interaction with each student. The school will consist of K-12. It’s very important to us that each student gets the best education in order to become successful in life. Starting from the fourth grade, every child will partake in a cumulative exam at the end of the year. If this exam is passed, they will be able to move on to the next grade. If it is not passed, there is an option to attend a summer school and retake the exam, otherwise redo the whole grade. After twelfth grade, graduates have to make the decision between attending college or directly starting to work. Of course, if work is chosen over school, there are a lesser amount of possibilities. Adult education is also encouraged. It is important that each citizen is an expert in their designated job. Doctors, educators, preachers, yoga instructors, the mango pickers and packagers, the captains of our ships, the maintenance people for the mangoes and of other island necessities, the individuals who make the supplies and even those designated for hunting and gathering must be efficiently trained in their trades.

NATURE AND ENVIRONMENTNature is sacred to a Mangiferan; we rely heavily on natural resources and have made it our goal to prevent exhaustion of these resources. We recycle what we can, and we rely on nature for all of our needs. This includes: food, preparation of food, warmth, bathing, shelters and tools. Our homes and buildings are all made out of what we have surrounding us. Every tree cut down or any large amount of plants uprooted need to be approved by the leaders before any action is taken. Wasting any natural resources will not be tolerated. One of the great aspects of the island would be that the initial founders of the island realized the importance of safety. We are in the middle of the ocean where hurricanes and tropical storms can occur at any time. The founders took the time to build an underground cellar type shelter that can sustain all of the inhabitants for up to 25 days.

GOVERNMENTThe island is run based on democracy. We will work together to resolve our issues. There are no runners for candidacy in who will be the island leader, but an election based on majority vote. The only power that the leader holds is to call unofficial meetings and to bring citizens to order when there is disorder. All offenders of the law will be tried by all the citizens of the island and their fate will lie in the hands of the islanders and their majority vote.
  • No littering- The punishment for littering will be a decided number of days serving the community. This will entail going about the island and cleaning up debris, extra shifts at the mango grove, working to repair or build additional tools and buildings for no wages.

  • No adultery- If anyone has committed this crime, the other spouse has the option to divorce. For the spouse that did commit adultery, they will not be allowed to remarry.

  • No stealing- This will result in a determined amount of days by being required to serve as the "pooper scooper". This is the humiliating job where you will be required to clean and dispose of human wastes. If this is a common offense, citizens may have rights to some of your goods without consequences of "stealing". Teach you that it is not for the good of the community just because stealing that item benefits you.

  • No violence- Depending on how severe the violence will determine the punishment. For a lesser violent crime, the offender will be "exiled". Essentially, this person will be sent onto the opposite more desolate side of the island where they will be forced to survive on their own with little resources. If a serious act of violence is committed the offender will be shipped away with the exported mangoes.

  • No murder- Murder is punishable by being thrown from a cliff onto rocks below. Causing death intentionally results in your own intentional death.

  • No cursing/cussing- For each curse/cuss word said of Mangifera Bay will be punished by placing $0.50 into the community money jar. The inhabitant who curses the least over a three-month period gets awarded the money from the community money jar.

  • No bribery- No one is able to bribe officials or workers to get advantage above others. Anyone caught and found guilty of this crime, including any accomplices, will be required to give up any of the possessions in question. In addition, they will be fined in either money or labor.
  • No alcohol consumption under the age of 16- Anyone under the age of 16 caught consuming alcohol will have to do two weeks of community service; working in the mango grove or in the supply store for no pay, clearing the nature trail of any debris, helping to make food and setting for the community dinners, ect. Parents will be notified of the incident and can punish to their discretion.

Laws Regarding Children: Children must follow all the laws of the island, however additional laws have been put in place to better guide children. Punishment for children failing to following these laws are less extreme than those of the land, and are often left to the parents digression.

  • Obedience- Children must obey their parents and other adult/authoritative figures on the island, punishment for disobedience will include grounding for a minimum of two days. To be grounded is to only be able to go to school and then come home and do chores. There will be no socializing with friends and no "fun" activities.

  • Respect- Children must respect themselves and those around them, including the belongings and rights of others. Punishment for disrespecting is left to the parents digression, unless proper punishment is not met by the parents.

  • Children must attend school everyday, unless sick or unable to attend.

  • Children under 18 must be home or at least in the home area by sundown.

In Mangifera Bay, we put natural resources above money. As much as needed, we barter with each other on the island. When it comes to societies outside of the island, we do use money from our island bank. We allow each family to have a designated amount of money in order to obtain imported goods. The renaming money from our exporting goes to the community bank and is used for emergencies or large purchases and needs for the island.

It is important that all inhabitants have the health care that they need in order to live a healthy lifestyle. Health care is free. There are midwives for labor and delivery. There are doctors that are able to diagnose any medical problems. There are pharmacist who make organic remedies for illness from natural resources. As mentioned before, our citizens are from all over the world and it is important to allow everyone to keep their own spiritual practices active. Therefore there is an array of shamen and other forms of healers other than just Western medicine doctors.

Mangiferans are aware that to lead a healthy lifestyle, one must have a balance of healthy eating and physical activity, so this community provides many activities emphasizing physical fitness and community interactions. The inhabitants on Mangifera Bay engage in daily outdoor physical activities to find a balance in oneself, and a balance with nature. These activities provide an opportunity for physical fitness and create unity within the family and the community.

Some island activities include:

  • Obstacle Course- Group and individual obstacle courses have been set up in various locations throughout the island to promote physical fitness and unity amongst friends and family in the community
  • Scuba diving- Scuba diving on Mangifera Bay will bring you up close to many exotic sea creatures found only in the Bermuda Triangle.
  • Cliff climbing and jumping- Jump into the ocean and cool off after climbing a high cliff.
  • Morning Yoga on the Beach- Yoga class is taught every morning on the beach to promote balance with oneself and nature.

  • Climbing- The various cliffs on Mangifera Bay are great for climbing and exploring the terrain. pixel.gif

  • Nature Trail- Our Nature Hikes are private outings where any trail you choose will lead you to beautiful destination.

  • Swimming- The clear blue waters surrounding Mangifera Bay are great for swimming and water sports