Mt. Grovewood

Geographic Location: Present Day Mount McKinley (Denali, Alaska, United States of America)


Population: 2,352 estimated people as of the most recent annual census

Established: February 15, 2051

Myths: (regarding Mt. Grovewood's establishment)
grove1.jpgThe community of Mt. Grovewood was established with the intention to be closer to heaven and thus to God. With the elevation of 20,320 feet above sea level on the mountain it was an ideal place to inhabit. Although weather climates can reach extreme cold, it was over the course of many years with global warming that we were able to build a community on this mountain. Legend has it that God possessed a small companion, a bulldog named Sebastian and when God grew angry with all the sin in the world he sent a blizzard that would save only the people that were deemed pure in heart. This blizzard would not only wipe out all of the sinners but also the land; which would then change in terrain as it re-grew. Sebastian believed Mt. McKinley to be the most beautiful place on Earth and as the blizzard descended upon us he leaped from heaven to guard as much of the mountain as he could. When the blizzard ended all that he could save was a small grove of trees. He did all that he could and then returned to heaven. Three English travelers, (Dante Funari, Michael Shannon, and Gabi Aguilar) under the leadership of Jose Moreno, survived the blizzard and sought out for another home. Along their journey they found the land that Sebastian preserved and renamed what was then Mt. McKinley to Mt. Grovewood. It is said that Sebastian’s only weakness was the heat and that is why he saved this cold area that we now call our home. It is no wonder why “dogs are a man’s best friend” according to the popular saying; God created man in His image, and animals in Sebastian’s. It is because of Sebastian's courage, kindness, and respect for nature that we possess a strong closeness to nature and animals, especially dogs. Sebastian is now honored in the form of a statue in our community dog park for his bravery to save the land he loved.

Religion: The people of Mt. Grovewood predominantly practice Christianity, however, all forms of Christianity are accepted as well.
For Example: Catholic beliefs, Methodist beliefs, Baptist beliefs, etc. as long as the belief in God is central. Prayer is encouraged
daily and attendance of church is highly recommended weekly.

Declaration: We the people of Mt. Grovewood establish, and accept as a legal set of rules set forth in this constitution for the sole existence of our community, wherein, it will be obeyed by all citizens, now residing, or wanting to reside in this community, and agree to obey the laws of the state of Alaska; in making reference to Justice, Education, Religion, Transportation, Commerce, and any other necessities as required for the survival of this community.

We have established core values that are basic elements of how we go about our lives. They are the practices we will use every day in everything we do.

Core Values: included in our declaration are the following:
  • Respect- be respectful to others, to elders, and to yourself.
  • Justice- be fair and reasonable in all actions, if you commit an offense against what we stand for you will be tried and held accountable.
  • Courage- never fear petty things like heights, the dark, etc. be courageous in all endeavors and know that God, our king, is behind us.
  • Compassion- be kindhearted to others, regardless of anything.
  • Responsibility- it is your responsibility to follow our rules, guidelines, and values and to do so in a diligent manner.
  • Equality- there are equal opportunities for men and women, children and adults, people of all races if they possess the ability to complete or fulfill the task that is required of them.
  • Acceptance- we are accepting and welcoming to others that would like to join our community if they choose to abide by our laws, guidelines, and regulations and have completed a background report with a clean record.
  • Sex/Marriage-premarital sex is looked down upon. You must be at least of the age 18 or older in order to commit to marriage. Marriage is forever, therefore divorce is not allowed (those in an unstable marriage will have the opportunity to work with a counselor specializing in relationships for up to a year free of cost) Unless your spouse becomes deceased you are then allowed to re-marry, children cannot be born out of wedlock, and you must have been in the relationship for at least two years prior to the marriage with the consent of the mother and father on both sides. Marriage is regarded as between a man and a woman only. Each sacred union, if followed by having children, must not exceed the limit of three children per immediate family. In special occasions, those having quadruplets, sextuplets, etc must have special permission from community judge.
  • Family-a close knit family is highly regarded, it is not uncommon for families to live in one household outside of the immediate family. Arguing and fighting is looked down upon, although not very common. Issues that arise are held in a fair and honest manner.
  • Nature- nature is highly respected and conserved as much as possible, recycling of paper, glass, etc. is strongly encouraged but not legally enforced. Animals are greatly esteemed and well taken care of.

Government: Mt. Grovewood's government is that of a democracy. Elected officials brought to power by the citizens represent the communities decisions on various issues and topics. We believe in a government in which all people have an equal say in who has power of office. This freedom of choice is an essential value that Mt. Grovewood prides itself on.
Justice.jpgJustice System: Justice will be carried out in a court of law administered by a Judge of the court. If the offense is one that such a person is to be tried by a jury, the court will appoint a judge and members of the jury.
Any person committing any or all of the following crimes, will be punished according to the laws of the state of Alaska.
  • Murder: Any person found to be guilty of the crime of murder will be tried by a court consisting of a Judge and peers, and punished to the full extent of the laws of the state of Alaska and the community of Mount Grovewood
  • Stealing: Any person found guilty of the crime of stealing will pay restitution to the victim(s) as decided by the Judge of the court and will be incarcerated until full restitution has been made to the victim(s)
  • Adultery: No person will cheat on their spouse. If anyone is found to be guilty of the crime of cheating, he/she will be temporarily banished from the community and placed into a counseling program in a neighboring area and will not be released until the cheater repents of the crime and is deemed to come back to Mount Grovewood by their counselor.
  • Stalking: Any person found guilty of stalking his/her neighbor, neighbor’s wife, neighbor’s husband, animal, or any living being will immediately be walked out of the community to return no more.
  • Graffiti: Any person guilty of writing, painting, and/or discoloring any building, any form of nature, and/or any kind of mode of transportation to include bicycles, horses, and any permissible motorized vehicles for the purpose of defacing, maliciousness, and destruction will have to cover their graffiti and paint the entire community of Mount Grovewood as persons of this community wish.

Entertainment: The community is outfitted with a theater which provides a multitude of events and showings. This theater consists of live acting as well as cinema style movie theaters.

Mt. Grovewood is also home to Alaska's only National Football League and Major Hockey League team, The Mt. Grovewood Sebastionaires. Sporting events are one of the essential portions of entertainment for the Mt. Grovewood community held in the Mt Grovewood Stadium. Along with an outstanding football, hockey and track complex there is also a gym which includes various types of equipment and items for all sports. This includes an ice skating rink, weight room, basketball court, tennis court, indoor swimming pool, ping pong table, indoor track, leisure area, as well as many other sections.

Riding Bikes - Riding Trails or just with a friendly neighbor, riding is a fun and healthy way to interact with the community and help the environment at the same time.
Fishing - If you love fishing Mt. Grovewood is one of the best places to go, keep what you catch and cook it for dinner
Walking Dogs - Mt. Grovewood is big on the dog community, therefore taking mans best friend everywhere is a common thing
Going to the café or Local Bar - Enjoy live music with friends in family while enjoying a warming cup of coffee
Planting Gardens - Due to the almost 21 hours of daylight during mid-summer this give gardeners all the sunlight they need in order to get that perfect garden
Everyone stops to say Hello - In a small town every one knows each other and Mt. Grovewood is no different by greeting your friends and family
Skiing and Snowboarding - After school hitting the slopes with a few buddies is one way to enjoy the afternoon
Camping - Getting out into the great outdoors and enjoying a nice camping trip to is only but common around here
Hiking/Mountain Climbing - With numerous parks and wildlife residents of Mt. Grovewood tend to enjoy the scenery while getting out onto the trails
Hockey - Its one of the major sports played in schools and its loved by the community
Northern Lights - Truly a spectacular sight to see, its magical and mystical and brings the community together when they appear 417398.jpg
Community Festivals - Every month Mt. Grovewood holds a community festival called "Aurora Heights Night". These festivals are held to promote community involvement and to spread the value of coming together.


Transportation: Transportation generally consists of a two or three wheeled non-motorized bicycle or snow mobile. With permission from the Judge cars and SUV's will be allowed. For the handicapped and elderly, in this case, there will be authorized motorized vehicles to take you to and from your desired places. Anyone wishing to ride a bicycle will use routes specifically designated for the sole purpose of leisure or business within the community. Community bicycles and transportation units are provided in the local community center.
Elderly.jpgBecause walking is good for you, it is highly encouraged that all people, including the elderly, walk short distances if possible.


Food: is permitted to be grown for the purpose of self-sustainment, and/or to provide for members of the community. We don’t attempt to grow any tropical or semitropical crops because of the cold weather. Hardy greens and roots such as kale, spinach, peas, turnips, rutabagas, celery, beets, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli do better in this area. For fruit, we do our best to grow apples, pears, strawberries raspberries and blueberries.

If food becomes scarce or is not available, then the community, with the approval of its members, will accept the import of consumables from outside sources and vendors, which are then delivered to a community grocery store.

Elk.jpgsalmon.j.jpgHunting: The state of Alaska offers a variety of hunting opportunities, big game species include Elk, Moose, and Caribou. Our fishing teasures include: Salmon, halibut and crab. Because we so highly regard our animals we hunt in the most respectful way we can, a quick death will ensure that there is no suffering and a quick prayer is said so that the soul may return to heaven. The meat will be taken to the FSIS ( Food Safety and Inspection Service) where it will be prepared and shipped to the local markets

Myth: As a visible reminder of God’s presence and His essence of light amidst darkness, during the winter solstice God sends us beautiful auroras that compose the northern lights that can be seen from our community. It is through these auroras that we are solidified in our hope and faith in God as a symbol that God is the source of our being and the true spirit of nature.

Climate :

In summer, temperatures are usually in the 60's with highs, rarely, to 85 degrees F.

In mid-summer, almost 21 hours of possible daylight give ample opportunities for recreational activities.


Average winter highs range from zero to 30 degrees F, while on extremely cold days the low may reach minus 40 degrees F.

Due to the cold weather, there are no cockroaches, termites, killer bees or snakes


Education System:
Education is very important in Mt. Grovewood and in order to provide the best education for everyone the community
has developed a State of the Art Education Program that focuses on the type of learning the children have. These learning styles include visual learning, audio learning, hands on learning etc. When the children enter school the are administered a test that is known as the VIT (Very Important Test) this test will divide the children into special schools that are designed specifically for their style of learning. Each school that the children are sent to cover kindergarten through twelfth grade. The child must complete all grade levels without dropping out. Furthering you education would include attending college and pursuing degrees, this is highly recommended but not legally mandatory. Mt. Grovewood possesses one college for those seeking to stay in our community as they attend undergraduate and graduate school. The college offers many extra curricular activities and clubs that promote health and wellness, conserving nature, as well as spirituality and bible studies.